Mellerud Rabbit Breed | History and Background [Explained]

A Swedish bunny, the Mellerud rabbit has a shared history and origin with the Gotland rabbit, another celebrated native of Sweden. 

This medium-sized breed displays a compact body with matching, round head. Its eyes are large and give the impression of alertness and readiness. 

The ears are medium sized and thin. The Mellerud rabbit’s coat has two variations – white or spotted while its muzzle and paws are white. Let’s check in more detail about Mellerud rabbits, shall we?

Mellerud Rabbit Breed 

Personality and Temperament

The Mellerud rabbit is very lively and full of energy. Furthermore, it loves to interact and bond with people of all ages. It is an ideal companion for singles, couples, and families with small children. 

These traits make it one of the most sought after rabbit breeds. However, it is still highly advised to supervise young kids when playing or handling this animal to avoid unwanted injuries or accidents. 

Although very lively and easy to take care of, Mellerud rabbits are not for senior citizens, as this bunny is very energetic and active and elders may not be able to keep pace with its activities.

Another trait that makes this breed a favorite of bunny lovers is its extremely gentle disposition. Although energetic and playful, the Mellerud rabbit is considered among the safest breeds to interact and play with and usually does not pose threat to its handlers.

In addition to being a gregarious animal, the Mellerud rabbit is also very curious. It loves to explore its surroundings and thus, needs regular hours outside its cage or enclosure. 

Realizing this requirement on your part is key to provide your pet the much-needed daily exercise, which is essential to foster physical fitness as well as psychological wellbeing. 

On the other hand, if it is neglected, there is a high probability that your pet will develop stress and boredom, which can then lead to various health issues.

To avoid these problems, you should spend a few hours every day interacting and playing with your pet. Aside from letting it out of its cage to play, you should also gently massage its back. 

If you want your pet to get optimum benefits from its playtime, provide him with toys that are specifically made for rabbits. These toys will surely make its playtime more funny and productive.

If you are on a tight budget, you can make toys for your pet using discarded household items, such as cardboard boxes and plastics balls.

Health and Care

Mellerud rabbits are a healthy and strong breed. However, you must be careful and never neglect your part in maintaining the overall health of your pet. 

If you plan to keep it outdoors, make sure to have a strong and sturdy cage that can protect it from all kinds of predators and won’t easily break down when forced by large animals, such as cats, dogs, or snakes. 

Also, make sure to provide blankets that the pet can use especially if you are living in an extremely cold environment.

If you plan to keep the cage indoor, make sure to place the enclosure in an area that gets enough air circulation. Also, avoid a place that is directly exposed to the sunlight. 

It is also a must to clean the cage regularly and immediately after feeding your pet. Remove the leftover foods to avert any bacterial infections and prevent spreading foul odor in the entire house.

Although a healthy breed, the Mellerud rabbit is still susceptible to overgrown teeth. To prevent this problem, make sure to serve fresh hay as the major component of your pet diet. Hay naturally restraints the growth of your rabbit’s teeth.

History and Background of Mellerud Rabbit

The history of the Mellerud Rabbit is not well documented, but it is believed that this breed of rabbit originated in Sweden.

The Mellerud rabbit was originally bred as a farm animal that was raised for its coat and meat. Its numbers witnessed a fast decline for several years and this led many to consider the rabbit on the verge of extinction. 

Edith I Sjoskogen, a rabbit lover, took upon the task to revive the breed. He was able to keep a few of these exotic rabbits and eventually created new ones through careful breeding. This provided as fillip to the population of Mellerud rabbits and the breed saw a revival.

Despite their popularity, Mellerud Rabbits are still a rare breed and are not commonly found in pet stores or breeders.

The Bottom Line!

Mellerud Rabbit is a rare and unique breed that has a rich history and has been preserved through the efforts of dedicated breeders. 

While still relatively uncommon, this adorable breed is slowly gaining popularity among rabbit lovers all over the world.

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