What Do Rabbits Like To Do For Fun? The Bunny Business!!

If you’re thinking rabbits just eat carrots and hop around all day, you’re in for a big surprise! Rabbits have a wild side too, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on their favorite pastimes.

Let’s dive into the world of bunny fun, where we’ll explore what makes these furballs’ hearts go pitter-patter (besides you, of course!). 

Things Rabbits Like to Do For Fun!

Binky Bonanza! The Dance of Joy

You’ve heard of the funky chicken, but what about the binky? No, it’s not a new dance craze sweeping the nation, but it is a celebration of pure rabbit joy! 

Binkying is when a rabbit jumps into the air, twists its body, and kicks its legs out. This adorable display of happiness is sure to put a smile on your face, too. And trust us, it’s as fun to watch as it sounds!

Channeling Their Inner Demolition Crew

Believe it or not, rabbits love to chew, dig, and destroy! But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your bunny is a furry little monster. 

Chewing and digging are natural instincts that help rabbits keep their teeth and nails healthy. To keep their destructive habits in check, provide your bunny with toys like cardboard boxes, paper, and untreated wood. 

Watch in awe as your little friend tears through these items like a seasoned demolition crew member. Just don’t leave your favorite book lying around – it might become bunny chow!

Zoomies All Around!

Ever seen a rabbit zoom around like it’s in the Bunny 500? These little speed demons love to sprint and race around their living area. It’s their way of staying fit, burning off energy, and showing off their lightning-fast reflexes. 

So, if you see your rabbit suddenly take off like a furball-shaped rocket, don’t panic – it’s just zoomie time!

Hide and Seek as Bunnies Love a Good Game

Rabbits are masters of hide and seek, and they love to play this game with you and their fellow bunny buddies. They’re naturals at finding great hiding spots, thanks to their instincts to seek shelter from predators. 

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? To join in on the fun, create a rabbit safe play area with hideouts like cardboard boxes, tunnels, and blankets. Then, get ready for the cutest game of hide and seek you’ve ever played!

Bunny Interior Design 

Rabbits have a knack for interior design. They enjoy moving things around their living area, creating the perfect feng shui for bunny life. 

You might find your rabbit pushing its toys, food dishes, or even its litter box to a new spot. This love for rearranging shows that your bunny likes to be in control of its environment. So, let them have at it, and you might even pick up some design tips from your furry friend!

Fun Rabbit Toys and Activities

ActivityToy/ItemWhy Rabbits Love It
ChewingCardboard boxesKeeps teeth healthy
DiggingDigging boxSatisfies instincts
RacingOpen spaceBurns off energy
Hide and SeekTunnelsProvides shelter
Rearranging Food dishesControl environment

Cuddle Time 

Bunnies may be fluffy balls of energy, but they also love a good snuggle session with their favorite humans! Cuddling is a way for rabbits to bond with you and show their trust. 

So, if your bunny hops onto your lap or snuggles up to you, it’s time to enjoy some quality cuddle time. Just remember to be gentle, as rabbits are delicate creatures.  

Bunny Television

Did you know that rabbits are big fans of people-watching? Well, more like everything watching! Bunnies love to observe their surroundings, whether it’s watching birds fly by or just seeing what you’re up to. 

So, set up a comfortable spot near a window where your rabbit can watch the world go by. 

Let the Good Times Hop!

Rabbits have a whole lot of fun up their fluffy sleeves, from zoomies to binkies and everything in between. By providing your bunny with a variety of toys, activities, and cuddles, you’re helping them live their best bunny life. 

Embrace your rabbit’s playful side, and get ready for endless entertainment and laughter!  

Life’s more fun when you’re hopping around with your best bunny bud!


Can rabbits enjoy playing with water?
While most rabbits aren’t big fans of water, some might enjoy playing with a shallow dish or a dripping water bottle. Keep an eye on your bunny while they explore water play to ensure their safety, and never force them into an activity they don’t seem to enjoy.

Do rabbits like to play with other animals, like cats or dogs?
It depends on the individual animals and their personalities. Some rabbits may become friends with cats or dogs, while others may feel threatened or stressed. 

If you want to introduce your rabbit to another pet, do so slowly and under close supervision, making sure both animals are comfortable with the interaction.

Can I teach my rabbit tricks or train them like a dog?
Yes! Rabbits are intelligent creatures and can learn basic tricks with patience and positive reinforcement. Some tricks you can teach your bunny include standing on their hind legs, spinning in a circle, or even jumping through a hoop.  

Can rabbits play with toys meant for other animals?
Some toys designed for other animals, like cat toys or small dog toys, can be suitable for rabbits, as long as they’re safe and made of non-toxic materials. Always supervise your bunny while they’re playing with new toys, and make sure there are no small parts that could be swallowed or cause injury.

Is it a good idea to let my rabbit play outside?
Letting your rabbit play outside can provide them with a new environment to explore and fresh air. But, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure their safety. 

Provide a secure, enclosed area where your bunny can’t escape or come into contact with predators. Always supervise your rabbit while they’re outdoors, and bring them back inside when playtime is over.

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