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Meet Jacob Mathew, the rabbit guy. He’s been working with those cute little buns for several years and he knows a lot of things about rabbits, if not everything. He even has a biology degree to back it up.

Jacob has been spending time researching and studying rabbits, learning everything there is to know about their behavior, diet, and habitat requirements.

Throughout his career, Jacob has had the opportunity to work with a variety of rabbit breeds and has gained a deep understanding of their behaviors, habits, and needs. He has also worked closely with local rabbit rescue organizations, helping to rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and neglected rabbits.

In addition to his professional experience with respect to rabbits, Jacob is also an avid rabbit enthusiast and has several of his own at home. He is dedicated to promoting rabbit welfare and education and is always looking for new ways to share his knowledge with others.

Jacob loves cats and bunnies more than any other animals.

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