Rabbit Hutch Vs Rabbit Cage | Pros and Cons of Both!

Selecting the most comfortable and perfectly suited living environment for your pet, is key to successfully raising a rabbit. For most rabbit owners, the decision is split between two options – a rabbit hutch or a rabbit cage. 

To make the right decision, let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of both and check their suitability.

Rabbit Hutch Vs Rabbit Cage!

Rabbit Cage

If you are learning towards raising your pet inside your home, the recommended choice is a rabbit cage. Often, you will be able to choose from two different kinds of rabbit cage – one level cage and two level cage. 

Single level rabbit cage is the most common choice for rookie owners and people working on a limited budget. As its name suggests, this cage offers only a single level where your pet will do its daily activities such as playing, eating, sleeping and running.

On the other hand, double level cage offers another level for your pet to play and hop upstairs and downstairs. This type of cage is recommended for owners who plan to raise their pet indoors but with limited home space. 

A distinct advantage of the double level cage is it allows your pet more space and room to move around and exercise. As a result, it can do added activities which will then lead to better overall health.

Advantages of Rabbit Cage

For those who want to raise their rabbits indoor, the advantage of using a cage over a hutch is most preferred. Rabbit cages are typically smaller than rabbit hutches but that doesn’t mean that your pet will have limited space to move. 

You can place the rabbit cage in an area of your home where you can open the cage and let them roam during their play hours.

There are rabbit cages you can find in pet stores that are almost as spacious as rabbit hutch and they can be bought in layers too so your pet can have more space to move around. 

These bigger cages can accommodate several rabbits without worrying about being too crowded. The best thing about these cages is that they are designed for indoor living which means that you can watch your pets inside your home without worrying about predators nearby.

Disadvantages of Rabbit Cage

Although very useful and effective, a rabbit cage also puts you at a few disadvantages. The most common drawback is regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Because your pet will spend most of its time inside the cage, you must make sure that it remains free from bacteria development and germs. You can do this by regularly cleaning the cage with antibacterial spray or wipes. 

Furthermore, you must immediately remove waste products, including leftover foods, which can become the breeding ground for all forms of bacteria.

Rabbit Hutch

The rabbit hutch is recommended for owners who are planning to raise their pets outdoors. Rabbit hutches are often used by people who have limited home space, thus forcing them to put their pets outside.

Advantage of Rabbit Hutch

Compared to rabbit cage, which needs to be regularly cleaned, rabbit hutch requires less effort and time for maintenance. 

Although you must still remove leftover foods immediately, waste products may not cause immediate smelly odor due to better air circulation outdoors. And you are able to keep your home clean and hygienic.

Another benefit of raising your pet in a hutch outdoors is that it will be able to feel as if it is living in its natural wild habitat. In addition, it will have constant access to fresh air and sunlight.

Disadvantages of Rabbit Hutch

The most obvious downside of raising your pet outdoor by using a rabbit hutch is that it is constantly at risk of predatory attacks. Needless to say, your pet is an easy target for large animals or burglars, especially if the hutch is of low quality.

Another disadvantage of outdoor rabbit hutch is that your pet is directly exposed to extreme weather conditions. This will be surely a problem especially if you are living in very cold or hot environment.

Final Thoughts!

Both Rabbit Hutches and Rabbit Cages have their pros and cons, but ultimately the best choice for you and your pet will depend on your specific needs and preferences that we have gone through in this article.

Whether its a rabbit hutch or rabbit cage, always take good care of your rabbits and throw it enough hays, veggies and fruits to eat!

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